Buffallo: 10 To Life Art Direction

Album artwork, press photography and a lyric video for Buffallo's new single, 10 To Life.

Singer-songwriter-producer-cyberpunk crooner Buffalo hit me up to take photos for his new single 10 To Life. Fortunately for him, I'm really getting into After Effects as well.
Album Artwork & Press Photography
After hearing the song, I wanted to put the photography component in a focused version of the cyberpunk soul aesthetic we curated across previous shoots between 2018 and 2019.
We did a shoot in front of an LED storefront and I used a triangular prism to warp the display, adding fragmented real-life glitches to visualise the sharp synth bass in the song. I also timed certain shots to get fragments of models to visualise the character in the story. 
Lyric Video
I also opted to do a lyric video to extend the cyberpunk aesthetic of the photography to another marketing asset. Using my Tachyons+ Dreamweapon, I timed analogue glitches to the song's instrumentation.
Using pushbuttons and a colour balance joystick, I visualised the synth bass, handclaps and angelic vocal takes in the outro.

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