Photography became a hobby for me in 2016, when I spent a summer exploring my local area through nature photography. I mostly shot black and white until I met a woman on a bus who had a form of visual dyslexia that made it difficult for her to see complete blacks and complete whites. However, she had a wider colour gamut than the average human eye, so she could see more colours than you. 
This amazed me so much that I started re-editing some images I took over the summer just to experiment with colour. Learning this kind of post-processing was fascinating and it was a critical part of my style when I moved to Reading to study graphic communication.
The following year, after getting my first DSLR and seeing the work of Liam Wong, I began to explore the town at night, shooting its alleyways, landscapes and music venues. Later that year, I moved to London to study film production and turn the capital into my neon playground.
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Vizual Noctem: Three Photos, Three Stories
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