Mythill Grim: 92Grim EP & No Smiles

I did a photoshoot with Mythill Grim to create the covers for his EP 92Grim and its promotional single, No Smiles.

EP Cover

In summer 2018, I was contacted by Mythil Grim, the dark horse of Dublin’s hip-hop scene. He asked me to do a photoshoot for his new EP 92Grim, along with its single No Smiles.

Over 20 minutes and nocturnal production, this EP takes an introspective look at his regrets and frustrations over lost love and his determination in the face of the industry that chooses to hold him back, while simultaneously holding up clout chasers and fads.
My take on the visual direction was largely inspired by the darker, more ominous lyrics on the EP, regularly referencing Mythill’s demons, self-loathing and anger over a broken relationship. 

High-contrast lighting was an obvious way to go in visualising this dark character, but we were lucky to come across this neon sign. I used long exposures and my on-camera flash to create this abstract flurry of lights.

In post-processing, it was important to limit the colour palette of this sign. A spectrum of colours would suggest a brighter, more optimistic character than the one represented through Mythill’s lyrics, so I opted for red to be the primary colour to be used throughout the set, along with a sinister green hue to reinforce this menacing character.
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