Night Tapes: Humans Lyric Video

Analogue glitch lyric video for Night Tapes' Humans. Might also double as a beauty reel for a jellyfish.

During my aquarium shoot with Night Tapes, I got a video of a jellyfish and fashioned it into a lyric video for their new single, Humans.
Using my Tachyons+ Dreamweapon, I used analogue glitches to correspond to the instrumentation and lyrics.
I found a rainbow look that maps to luminance for the bass riff on the choruses, and a trailing line effect for the glittering keys on the choruses, bridge and outro. Considering that I'd be capturing all of these by shooting a screen, compositing was a simple job of blending them in Premiere.
For the lyrics, I used alternating alignments to distinguish between verses, choruses and refrains. For the verses, I added increasingly prominent indents to make for a more interesting shape and ensure a higher degree of readability since again, I was recording a screen. 
The Dreamweapon has loads of effects for affecting the look of typography, so I opted for one that featured a left-to-right gradient that mimicked sunset and stuck to the violet colour scheme of the single artwork. The look also created streaks that dull down midtones and make highlights flicker in flashes of yellow and red. 

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