Sclews x Eugene Tumusiime: Infinite Refractions A/V Set

An A/V set featuring the music of Sclews and my (mostly) analogue glitch visuals.

In February 2020, I was invited to be one of the VJ artists participating in the Infinte Refractions arm of the Currents online music festival. I chose to pair up with Sclews, a Sheffield-based musician armed with a catalogue of fast, industrial electro beats. Perfect for analogue glitch visuals. 
With the a combination of Tachyons+ Dreamweapon and Rigu Fractal Filters, I distorted my photography, experiments with water and soap, caverns and mountains made of foil, virtual feedback loops and a glassware lightshow to make cyberpunk-inspired, and ocassionally psychedelic one hour VJ set.
Oh, and the mirror tool in Premiere. I cannot stress that enough. Seriously.

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